The digital era has rolled out new possibilities of digital marketing and one of the most promising ones is corporate video production. The days of infomercials are past.  Corporate videos have found their grounding in being the one that is most preferred by both customers and businesses alike.  The tastes and preferences of the customers are changing. The customers are consuming information in the form of entertainment via various multi-media channels.  Though they don’t come ready with a predetermined template, a lot of them share certain similar qualities. They are as follows:

Precise and Time Saving:

The trend in video content production has drastically changed with the advent of new technologies and so has the attention span of people, which has reduced. One of the crucial aspects of digital marketing is that people can easily choose to skip over it if it doesn’t hold their attention for more than a few seconds. This has compelled the video content creators to create content that is short, compelling and doesn’t eat up a lot of time of the viewer.

How to come up with content that is compelling and short? Perhaps, brainstorming and scripting. Coming up with a solid script is the way to go. To prioritize, first create a theme followed by the outline and then sketching the characters. All this comes secondary to the primary need of doing ample research on who the video content is targeted for. Remember that your potential customers today have more free will to decide whether they want to view a video or not. Hence, it should be made compelling enough for them to choose to view it.

Humor Has a Universal Appeal

The most viewed video content has one of these common characteristics, which is humor. Humor has a universal appeal and its own purpose in video marketing.

  • Firstly, it’s enjoyed by everyone
  • Secondly, it repositions the brand as having more human appeal

Customers today are more well-informed and don’t like being told what to do and what not. They like to choose from options. Hence, a salesman approach would retaliate negatively than just letting them choose. Also, most customers make buying choices emotionally, so attaching a positive emotion with a certain product/service will eventually have positive repercussions.

 Identifying the Problem

A purchasing decision is made following a problem faced by the customer. Most video content creators identify this particular pain point and then device a solution to portray their product or service as the go-to solution for the same. As mentioned earlier, customers today are more self-aware and would identify a marketing gimmick right away. This is where innovation comes into the picture and video content creators must utilize it to their fullest potential. Besides this, it is important to note that the customer is seeking reliable information rather than just facts.

 The Subtle Call-To-Action (CTA)

While most videos aren’t outright promotional, they do compel the viewers to initiate a thought process and act accordingly. The viewers, after watching the video, either seek more information and research on the websites or make the purchase of the product or service directly. They shouldn’t stop watching the video. There has to be a certain build-up at reaching the CTA message. To make sure that it’s of subtle nature, the CTA must not be emphasized blatantly.

 Integrating the Important Points

Equal emphasis on all areas is the key to delivering a comprehensive video packed with the right amount of information, details, subtle CTA and tad bit of humor to make it bearable for viewers short on time. Right from the production quality to the content quality, everything matters. The audio and video quality too can have a ghastly effect on the viewer’s perspective if done poorly. Every aspect should be executed with great detail and professionally. A great visual and voice-over cannot compensate for poor story delivery or vice versa. These corporate videos can greatly shape the perspectives of the viewers.

A great marketing strategy may go haywire if even one step falters. Hence, the time taken to build and execute the video marketing strategy must be meticulously planned and executed.

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