Then Enjoy a Career in Child Day Care

There is varied amount of jobs within the child day care sector. Browse the summary below and see which appeals to you. Take a relevant accredited childcare course (these can be done via distance learning) which will qualify and prepare you for work in this sector.

Child Day Care Jobs

Childminding – Childminding allows you to work from home, take an active part in your local community by caring for children in your area as well as caring for your own family at the same. All this and your earning money as well!

Nursery Nurse – Becoming a nursery nurse allows you to work closely with young children on a day to day bases within a nursery setting. This involves feeding, providing fun activities and washing children etc.

Opening your own nursery – This a way of making a satisfying and profitable business that allows working parents to have a safe environment for them to drop there young children off when they are at work.

After School clubs – Most full time working parents work longer than school hours. Therefore after school clubs have become a popular and invaluable resource to the parents of today.

School Holiday clubs – Kids love holidays! For full time working parents though holidays can be struggle. With more and more parents now working full time there is real niche in today’s society for holiday clubs. This is a fun way you can help parents and children alike to make the most out of the holiday periods whilst earning money.

Holiday Clubs Abroad – Parents of young children look forward to unwinding on holiday sometimes without there kids. Therefore for those that live in popular holiday areas this provides a massive opportunity to open a holiday club abroad for looking after those on holiday with children.

Crèches/day care centres – sometimes parents may want some time to go shopping or go to the gym, etc, without there children therefore crèches are used. Similar to a nursery, crèche work involves close work with children.

Nanny – Becoming a nanny is a very satisfying job. It lets you have a direct and constant involvement and influence in a child/family’s life allowing you to see children grow older and develop into mature adults.

Babysitting – Whether it’s caring for younger relatives or friend’s children this job is a rewarding way of earning money for teenagers or students.

Whether it would be Childminding, becoming a Nursery assistant or even opening your own nursery you can be sure that each job will have its own unique experiences, joys and challenges.